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Fairbanks, Alaska, United States
Wednesday, June 23, 2010

After that 18 hour drive we needed a bit of being spoiled. We returned to the train in Fairbanks and worked on repacking the jeep, it was a bit dis-shoveled. Then showered and napped for about 4 hours. That evening we ate at a historic place called the "Pump House". It was great and in a beautiful location along the Chena river. Returning to Aurora Express bed and breakfast we stayed in The Bordello Car This room is filled with rich luxurious colors and a hand painted ceiling dripping with crystal chandeliers. It's paintings, fabrics, colors and fixtures reflect the risqué bordello atmosphere of Fairbanks's past. 

After a great nights sleep and a great breakfast of peach filled croissants we headed out. Before driving to Anchorage we stopped at a city park in Fairbanks and BJ got to ride her first salmon and I got to see some antique steam driven equipment. The road south took us back through Denali. There were too many clouds to see "The Great One" or Denali the indian name for Mt McKinley. it took 7 hours to get to the hotel. After running out of gas and having to use the backup tank.  We settled in and washed our clothes. Tomorrow we may or may not do anything. We will see.

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Steam shovel Fill'er up Ride'em cowgirl
Ride'em cowgirl
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Hurricane Gulch Classy Denali pano
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