from my wanderings


I am very fortunate to have a career that calls for me to travel to so many interesting locations on this planet. From the Middle East to the Far East and many places in the middle. I get to use a variety of equipment and  have found that there are some interesting features in todays digital market.

The 2 major players in the digital SLR market are Canon and Nikon. In my opinion Nikon has a slightly better picture quality. Canon on the other hand seam to have more 3rd party lenses and is more affordable.

Next we have the Point & Shoot types. Most of these flavor cameras do not have a viewfinder and this can make them difficult to use in the blight sunlight. Now these cameras are easer to tote about and boast of being Waterproof, Freeze-proof, Drop-proof. However, there do take process time. This means there is a lag from when you push the button and when the shutter snaps. That being said the convenience price will always make these a popular choice. One of my favorite from the hip cameras is the Olympus Tough line. out of all the cameras I have used this unit does the best macro closeups hands down. Not to mention it really is tough.


Have Camera will travel.

Grand Tetons reflection on the still water bend in the Snake River.  Cloudburst over Asheville, North Carolina.  Swallowtail butterflies at Looking Glass Falls, NC. Ladybug feeding after a rain in South Georgia.